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SkySuite Customers

SkySuite has successfully provided NetSuite professional services to over 100 companies of various business sizes, models and industries around the world.

SkySuite Customers


 Access Laserpress

 ADI Computer Solutions




 Beach Store


 Canadian Telescopes

 Chi Institute

 Clute Packaging Systems

 Consolidated Packaging

 Cord Blood America

 Cream Wine Company

 Creative Technologies

 Cycling '74

 Digital Imaging Supplies

 DuPont Air Products

 Emblem Enterprises


 Eric Harr Social Media



 Family Entertainment

 Fan Shack



 From The Farm

 G2 Technology

 Get The Job

 Global Golf Events

 Global Interactive Solutions

 Gotcha Creative Media

 Graham Magnetics

 Graphics One



 Hardwood Floor Contracting

 Hero's Pride

 Homax Group

 House of Antique Hardware

 ICI Paints


 Integris Wine Partners

 Keystone Business Services

 KidzLuv Fundraising

 KMS Software Company

 Lexington International

 Loan Toolbox

 Luna Lullaby

 Mercer Medical

 Mercom Corporation

 Mixed Bag Designs

 Mobius Partners

 Motorsports Authentics



 One Day University

 Onsite Safety


 Performance Labs

 Phoenix Medical Devices

 Platinum Pursuits

 Polka Dot Pear Design

 Power Door Products

 Pup-Pee Solutions

 Raintree Systems

 Response Mail Express

 Scope Group

 Showtime Expo

 Signs Direct

 Society for Protective Coatings

 Soft Stuff Distributors


 Spirit Voyage Music

 Support Services Group


 Technical Scientific Application

 Technomedia International

 TelQuest International

 The Inside Store

 The Time Zone

 Trilliant Surgical

 Tuff Storage Solutions





 Water Gear


 Zingo Telecom


SkySuite Testimonials


 "SkySuite did a great job executing the NetSuite implementation at Response Mail Express. Their work was very thorough, on time, and performed with a high degree of quality. Our business requirements necessitated a considerable amount of customization so our implementation was more complex as compared to many companies. The implementation was successful and we were able to go live without experiencing any disruption in our business. SkySuite’s extensive experience and knowledge of NetSuite was a key factor in achieving this positive outcome." - John Sharby, Chief Operating Officer, Response Mail Express

 "Thank you SkySuite! SkySuite completed a NetSuite accounting conversion for Performance Labs with results that far exceeded expectations. SkySuite migrated historical transaction data with precision and accuracy. Following accounting, SkySuite completed a sales, marketing, support and website NetSuite implementation for Performance Labs with the same skill, competence, professionalism and successful results. Finally, SkySuite successfully designed and programmed integration between NetSuite and another system used by Performance Labs. Overall SkySuite did an excellent job with very positive results for Performance Labs. We highly recommend SkySuite." - John Oliva, Chief Technology Officer, Performance Labs

 "SkySuite did an excellent job implementing NetSuite for KMS Software with an emphasis on project, support, billing and revenue business processes. SkySuite had the functional experience to leverage native NetSuite and the technical experience to fill functional gaps with NetSuite customizations and scripts. Our NetSuite implementation was a success thanks to SkySuite." - Yolanda Parker, Founder and President, KMS Software Company

 "SkySuite allowed us to go to the next level. SkySuite understands the technology around the NetSuite platform. SkySuite has always created our solutions for us. We're very happy with the work that SkySuite has performed. It is always on time. The quality is immaculate." - Thomas Hadrys, CRM Manager, AkzoNobel (AKZOY)

 "SkySuite gathered, understood and transformed our complex business requirements into automated, efficient and highly functional solutions using NetSuite. SkySuite's knowledge, skill and experience with NetSuite combined with competence and attention to detail resulted in the successful completion of over 25 projects for Emblem Enterprises. SkySuite made a very positive impact on Emblem Enterprises." - Dave Steinman, Chief Executive Officer, Emblem Enterprises

 "SkySuite has completed over 20 projects for Mixed Bag Designs over the past year. Each project has been completed on time and on budget. SkySuite's attention to detail and quality is superior to all other consultants we have engaged. We are a fast growing company and don't always have a clear picture of our requirements. SkySuite's ability to extract requirement details and help us understand the business impact at every level has been invaluable to us. We highly recommend SkySuite." - Caryl Parker, Owner, Mixed Bag Designs

 "SkySuite's ability to leverage, customize, extend and integrate with NetSuite allowed us to use NetSuite without changing our established business processes. SkySuite successfully completed over 20 projects for The Time Zone/eWatches in areas of CRM, ERP and Web/Ecommerce. Overall the results were very positive." - David Lindmeir, President, The Time Zone/eWatches

 "SkySuite provided FarmVet with 5 star NetSuite consulting and programming based on substantial experience and advanced knowledge of NetSuite. SkySuite handled each project and task with professionalism and competence resulting in functional, consistent and reliable solutions for FarmVet." - Bruce Littrell, Chief Financial Officer, FarmVet

 "SkySuite has been a valuable resource during TelQuest International's transition to NetSuite and ongoing use of NetSuite over the last 7 years. SkySuite’s knowledge of NetSuite and how to extend NetSuite is vast and impressive. SkySuite consistently provides accurate information, excellent advice and five star solutions using NetSuite." - Alfred Adel, Chief Executive Officer, TelQuest International

 "SkySuite took our sales and purchasing process to a completely paperless environment. We no longer manually write information, search for files or perform calculations. This has dramatically cut down on errors, saved thousands of hours, increased productivity and improved our bottom line. We look forward to our next project with SkySuite." - Andy Seales, Director of Production and Projects, Hero's Pride