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NetSuite Customizations


Why SkySuite?

SkySuite offers NetSuite customizations designed to guarantee your company's successful transition to NetSuite and continuous value from ongoing use of NetSuite. SkySuite will customize NetSuite based on your company's simple to complex business requirements and processes using 12 years of experience with all NetSuite customization types.


SkySuite customizes NetSuite using database normalization resulting in scalable designs and maximum performance. Best practice table and record joins result in optimized business intelligence.

NetSuite Customization Types



 Center Categories

 Center Links

 Center Tabs



 Email Alerts


 Fields (Constrained Picklists)

 Fields (Formulas / SQL)

 Fields (Formulas)

 Fields (Sourcing / Filtering)

 Financial Report Layouts

 Financial Reports

 Forms (Print)

 Forms (Screen)

 HTML Layouts

 Item Options

 KPI Scorecards


 PDF Layouts

 Record Types

 Report Formula Fields



 Search Formula Fields





NetSuite Customization Tips


 NetSuite Constrained Picklists: To create a constrained picklist, create a custom list, a custom record type with a multiple select field for mapping, another custom record type and an online custom record form (optional for website).

 NetSuite Custom Records: For a custom record type with inline editing = True, for a field to display in a sublist, the field must be Name field or the field must be setup with Show in List = True with normal or disabled display.

 NetSuite Email Alerts: Saved search email alert email messages can contain fields from records using the format {field} and joined records using the format {join.field}. Saved search email alerts can be configured to send emails to record specific recipients for record specific field values.

 NetSuite Matrix Items: To create a matrix item with matrix subitems, create a custom list, custom item field and custom transaction item option (optional for website).

 NetSuite Sublists: To create a custom sublist, add a list/record field on the Available Filters tab of the associated saved search.

 NetSuite Lookup Tables: To create a lookup table with brackets, create a custom record type to define the brackets and a custom record type to define the values.

 NetSuite Database: NetSuite database structure including tables, joined tables, fields, records, sub records and joined records.

 NetSuite Financial Reports: Financial reports are customized like standard reports with the addition of financial layouts and metric columns.