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NetSuite Integration


Why SkySuite?

SkySuite offers NetSuite integration designed to guarantee your company's successful transition to NetSuite and continuous value from ongoing use of NetSuite. SkySuite will design, program and deploy NetSuite integration based on your company's simple to complex business requirements and processes using 12 years of experience with all NetSuite integration types, application programming interfaces (APIs), functions, objects and methods.

Business Purposes

SkySuite designs, programs and deploys NetSuite integration scripts that transmit data using HTTP methods for various integration types including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Commerce XML (cXML), Representational State Transfer (REST), ecommerce websites and other systems.


SkySuite combines NetSuite SuiteScript with advanced level JavaScript and XML to program NetSuite integration scripts. SkySuite programming is meticulously designed, written, reviewed and tested. Equally important, SkySuite programming has a small footprint in NetSuite accounts and is not locked or hidden in NetSuite bundles.

Other Integration

SkySuite offers experienced assistance with other NetSuite integration including Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, Palm, Telephony and Single Sign On.

NetSuite Integration Types



 Commerce XML (cXML)


 Ecommerce Website

 Telemarketing Call Center

 Order Call Center

 Order Management

 Bank Lockbox

 Inventory Management

 Support Rep Center

 Service Usage

 Opportunity Management

 Social Network Website

 Customer Center

 Microsoft Outlook



 Single Sign On


NetSuite Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



 Scriptable Cart and Checkout



 Single Sign On


NetSuite Integration Tips


 NetSuite Single Sign-on (SSO): Types of SSO include inbound, OpenID and outbound. OpenID SSO is inbound SSO from Google Apps. Outbound SSO uses SuiteScript. Users can be automatically mapped using SuiteTalk (mapSSO) or manually mapped during the first login.

 NetSuite Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): SuiteScript (script) and SuiteTalk (web service) application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used for NetSuite data integration.

 NetSuite Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration: NetSuite SuiteScript can be used to send and receive all EDI XML documents such as 850, 856, 810, etc.

 NetSuite Commerce XML (cXML) Integration: NetSuite SuiteScript can be used to send and receive all Commerce XML documents such as PunchOut, OrderRequest, InvoiceDetail, etc.

 NetSuite Microsoft Outlook Integration: Emails in Microsoft Outlook can be sent to NetSuite and attached to customers, contacts, opportunities and cases.

 NetSuite Microsoft Outlook Synchronization: NetSuite and Microsoft Outlook synchronize contacts, tasks and events.

 NetSuite BlackBerry Synchronization: Using a USB cable, NetSuite and BlackBerry or Palm devices synchronize contacts, tasks and events.


SkySuite Programming


 Best practices design.

 Best practice use of APIs, functions, objects and methods.

 Uses time proven library.

 Meticulously written, reviewed and tested.

 Error handling in every section.

 Appropriate variable names and error messages.

 Consistent, organized and commented.

 Small footprint in NetSuite accounts.

 Not locked or hidden in NetSuite bundles.