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NetSuite Training


Why SkySuite?

SkySuite offers NetSuite training designed to guarantee your company's successful transition to NetSuite and continuous value from ongoing use of NetSuite. SkySuite will provide NetSuite training based on your company's simple to complex business requirements and processes using 12 years of experience with all NetSuite products, add-on modules, areas and application programming interfaces (APIs).

User Adoption

Members of your company can be using NetSuite effectively within a day. SkySuite manages change resulting in user adoption of NetSuite.

NetSuite Products



 NetSuite OneWorld

 NetSuite Financials

 NetSuite Ecommerce

 NetSuite CRM+


NetSuite Add-on Modules


 Advanced Billing

 Advanced Financials

 Advanced Inventory

 Advanced Project Accounting

 Custom Checkout Domain

 Dedicated Sandbox

 Dedicated Server

 Demand Planning


 Ecommerce Edition

 File/Software Distribution

 Fixed Asset Management

 Incentive Compensation

 Issue Management

 Light Manufacturing

 NetCommerce Analytics

 NetCommerce Multi-Site

 NetCommerce Site Builder

 NetSuite Ltd for JCurve



 Payroll Service

 Pivot Reports

 Revenue Recognition

 Shared Sandbox


 SuiteCloud Plus

 System Status

 Two-Factor Authentication


NetSuite Areas


 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


 Professional Services Automation (PSA)

 Services Resource Planning (SRP)




NetSuite Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



 Scriptable Cart and Checkout



 Single Sign On


NetSuite Business Sizes


 1-1,500 Users


NetSuite Business Models


 Business to Business (B2B)

 Business to Consumer (B2C)







NetSuite Business Industries





 Basic Materials







 Consumer Goods





 Health Care


 Industrial Goods





 Professional Services

 Real Estate










NetSuite Training Tips


 NetSuite Campaigns: Select campaign responses can be excluded or included in subsequent campaigns by using the Campaign Response search join.

 NetSuite Email Campaigns: To send a campaign email to more than 10,000 recipients, setup a campaign email domain and Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) in NetSuite and at a DNS provider.

 NetSuite Sales Tax: When sales tax is charged, perform a weekly sales tax import add/update at Setup > Accounting > Use State Sales Tax Tables.

 NetSuite Commission Dates: For commissions, transaction Sales Effective Date determines inclusion in applicable commission plan and transaction Date Eligible (date of invoice or customer payment) determines when commission becomes pending authorization.

 NetSuite Weekly Inventory Management Calculation: Quantity to Order = (daily demand based on past sales history and expected demand change %) x (number of days supply preferred based on lead time days and reorder point level and preferred stock level or days and safety stock level or days) compared to (quantity on hand and quantity available and quantity back ordered and quantity on order).

 NetSuite Inventory: For inventory adjustments, the header account and location are COGS related and the line level account and location are inventory related.

 NetSuite Printing: The results of a mass mail merge or direct mail campaign event can be printed in batch by selecting all files, right click and select Print.