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NetSuite Websites


Why SkySuite?

SkySuite offers NetSuite websites designed to guarantee your company's successful transition to NetSuite and continuous value from ongoing use of NetSuite. SkySuite will design, implement, program and deploy NetSuite websites based on your company's simple to complex business requirements and processes using 12 years of experience with all NetSuite website and ecommerce types, add-on modules, components and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Business Purposes

SkySuite designs, implements, programs and deploys NetSuite websites for information, ecommerce, information and ecommerce, external catalog (WSDK), customer specific, customer center, company intranet, contact and support forms, data integration and multiple websites.

NetSuite Website Types




 Information and Ecommerce

 External Catalog

 Customer Specific

 Customer Center

 Company Intranet

 Contact and Support Forms

 Data Integration

 Multiple Websites


NetSuite Online Forms



 Customer Login


 Membership Registration

 Contest Entry

 Request For Quote

 Backorder Request

 Product Registration

 Item Creation




NetSuite Website Add-on Modules


 NetCommerce Site Builder

 NetCommerce Multi-Site

 NetCommerce Analytics


NetSuite Website Components



 Custom Checkout Domain

 Customer Center

 DNS Setup

 Document Publishing


 Image Resizing Setup

 Information Items

 Item/Category Templates


 Online Forms

 Product Feeds

 Promotional URLs

 Published Searches


 Related Item Categories

 RSS Feeds

 Search Engine Optimization

 Sitemap Generator




 URL Components

 Website Setup

 Webstore Setup


NetSuite Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)



 Scriptable Cart and Checkout


 External Catalog Site (WSDK)


 Single Sign On


NetSuite Website Tips


 NetSuite Website Add To Cart Buttons: An add to cart button can add multiple items to the cart. Add to cart buttons can also be added to hosted HTML pages and promotional emails.

 NetSuite Website URL Parameters: Lead source, promotion code and partner URL parameters allow for tracking and discounts. Search and range URL parameters allow for custom search result pages.

 NetSuite Website Tags: Using website tags, information can be obtained about the request, website, color theme, category, item, information item, customer, sales order, checkout, thank you page and custom records.

 NetSuite Website Templates: Header, body and footer templates are separated by a 2-25 pixel space depending on the page type and browser. The 2-25 pixel spaces will display the background color. Therefore, it is best to use a website design without content positioned on the spaces separating header, body and footer templates. Header, body and footer templates have square edges/corners. Certain few website pages are not customizable and expose the square edges/corners. Therefore, it is best to use a website design with square edges/corners.

 NetSuite Website Page Elements and Content: Most NetSuite generated page elements can be hidden by using JavaScript. The appearance of most NetSuite generated page content can be changed by using HTML, CSS and images.

 NetSuite Website Checkout Subdomain: A custom checkout subdomain will replace with one of several predefined phrases prefixed with "." added to your domain name on registration and checkout pages.

 NetSuite Website Browser Security: Use content relative references or content absolute https URL references to stop browser security information popup alerts on https pages such as registration and checkout pages.

 NetSuite Website robots.txt: robots.txt is a read only file included by NetSuite. robots.txt content, such as instructions provided to search engines for indexing and following pages, can be overridden by using meta tags.


SkySuite Programming


 Best practices design.

 Best practice use of APIs, functions, objects and methods.

 Uses time proven library.

 Meticulously written, reviewed and tested.

 Error handling in every section.

 Appropriate variable names and error messages.

 Consistent, organized and commented.

 Small footprint in NetSuite accounts.

 Not locked or hidden in NetSuite bundles.